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About Us

Who we are: the HS Timber Group

We are the HS Timber Group, a long-established wood processing company of Austrian origin, with very strong roots in Central and Eastern Europe, especially Romania. Wood is our passion. With more than 2,700 employees in Austria, Germany, Romania,  Finland and Argentina, we produce high-quality wood products for industrial customers all over the world.

What we do: the best solutions from wood

We are passionate about meeting new challenges; they fire our imagination and make us go the extra mile to exceed our customers' expectations. We develop tailored solutions for individual customers, from customized laminated products for Japanese housing construction and light wooden panels for American caravans and mobile homes, to blockboards sold in DIY stores all over Europe. Our capacity for innovation ensures that we can provide individualised product solutions for our customers across the world.

How we do business

We are open to new ideas and bold when it comes to realising new opportunities. As a company that takes its environmental and social responsibilities seriously, we actively support sustainable forestry and community development. Our employees are best in class and our greatest asset. As a company we strive to grow globally and sustainably while giving due respect to the environment. We are continually investing in the expansion of our core competences, sawmilling and industrial timber processing, and in the diversification of our business. We are doing this by building a global presence with strong regional roots.