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Testing underway at the CIND measurement gate [gantry] in Reci

The sawmill in Reci has started testing a new volumetric scanning tool, which is meant to offer one more assurance that the sawlogs which reach the gates of HS Timber Productions Reci respects all legal requirements relating to timber transports.

Our colleagues from the SUMAL/Wood Tracking Department in Reci are using patented stereo vision technology, which is able to scan and measure volume for all sawlog transports.

We are testing the gate because we are constantly looking for further developments and innovations, to further improve our supply chain security.

Nicolae Talagai, SUMAL responsible with HS Timber Productions Reci said: “This is a new technology we want to implement in a move to further strengthen our security system, related to the sawlogs we receive from our suppliers. We are now taking all the necessary steps to make sure that this new tool is one more instrument that can be used by other companies, as well as by the Romanian authorities. We will make full use of the testing period – which is by the end of March next year.”

What is volumetric scanning?

Volumetric scanning is useful for various loads, as it scans the framed volume, solid volume, lengths, widths and even diameters. The system is able to provide useful information about quality of loads at the same time. It can also be used for measuring volumes for pallets and various bulk loads.

With the help of 3D imaging software instead of traditional methods, the gantry in Reci allows loads to be scanned in just seconds. The software automates the measurement and quality inspection of sawlogs loaded on trucks.

How does it work

The sensors scan the truck as it passes through the gantry. The software is then dynamically identifying the load on the truck via a set of unique algorithms. A 3D-model – a so called point cloud – is generated and, at the same time, 2D images are grabbed for further image processing. The captured data is used by the software to calculate the volume, dimensions, diameters, defects and so on.

When it comes to implementing the project in Reci, the log department is involved as a whole (purchasing, sorting, back-office), together with the SCCC department and of course those who developed the system. We provide feedback and, together, we work towards a solid outcome which can offer a good measurement tool and offer our stakeholders a transparent and open view on our purchasing activities in Romania. This is not a competitor for our existing volume measurement equipment, but an addition, as it is a solution which can be used anywhere, it’s ease to assemble and implement.