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Evergreen Innovation Camp 2023

The international wood industry gathered in Vienna for the final event of the 48h Hackathon. From 9 to 11 October, the Evergreen Private Foundation hosted the third Evergreen Innovation Camp in Vienna. The focus: a 48-hour hackathon in which ten teams from over 30 European universities and 19 countries put their creativity to the test. Their goal: to master the 'Viral Wood' challenge. The camp culminated in a gala at Vienna City Hall, where the winning team was crowned.

Viral Wood Challenge 
The mission of the teams was to create a social media video within 48 hours from Monday to Wednesday. The video had to highlight the sustainable importance of the wood industry for the Circular Economy, especially for the digital-savvy young Generation Z. All teams showed their work to a renowned jury of wood and communication experts. Three teams, Woodloop, Holzome and Jollywood, prevailed. Team Woodloop finally impressed the most with a video that presented the diversity and advantages of wood processing.

A highlight: The Evergreen Innovation Camp does not only focus on innovation at the hackathon. It also breaks new ground in the industry. In cooperation with the EOS - European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry - this year the Vienna City Hall served as the stage for the extraordinary event on the eve of the 71st International Softwood Conference. The get-together of the international timber industry, especially representatives of the international sawmill industry, offered many opportunities to make contacts and exchange ideas.

More about the Evergreen Innovation Camp
As the successor to the prestigious "Schweighofer Prize", the camp is sponsored by the Evergreen Private Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to innovation and research in the forestry and timber sector and supports charitable causes. The name “Evergreen” conveys the idea of sustainability and endurance.