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HS Timber Productions donates sanitary supplies to St. Doctors Cosma and Damian in Rădăuți

  • HS Timber Productions donates sanitary supplies worth 31,600 Euro to the St. Doctors Cosma and Damian Municipal Hospital in Rădăuți
  • The company already supported the hospital in Rădăuți with 21.614 Euro, for sanitary supplies made available to medical professionals.

True to the motto “Together!”, HS Timber Group factories continue their support to local authorities, in their efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

"We see it as further act of our corporate social responsibility not only being a reliable employer but also always work closely with the communities in which we operate. Therefore we make every effort and support the local community in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Thus, we return to Rădăuți with additional support for healthcare professionals who are now in the front line,” said Dan Bănacu, general manager of HS Timber Productions in Romania.

The company donated to the St. Doctors Cosma and Damian Municipal Hospital in Rădăuți, sanitary supplies of 31,600 Euro: 13,000 surgical masks, 1.000 examination robes, 5,000 short examination gloves, 450 anti-chemical suits, 3,600 medium examination gloves, 1.000 FFP2 protection masks, 1,000 robes, 150 l disinfectants for hands, 170 l disinfectants for surfaces, 2,000 pairs of single use footwear, 240 l sanitary alcohol, ten contactless thermometers.

In addition to the donation we offer The Gerald’s Hotel as support to the medical staff.

Previously, HS Timber Productions had already donated sanitary supplies of 21,614 Euro to the St. Doctors Cosma and Damian Municipal Hospital in Rădăuți: 10,000 latex gloves, 1,000 un-powdered nitrile examination gloves, 2,000 surgical masks, 510 antibiogram sticks, 250 anti-chemical suits, disinfectants, 100 visors, 450 protective glasses, 1,500 examination robes, 3,000 caps and 3,500 pairs of single use footwear.

The support provided by HS Timber Group, in the context of the crisis generated by COVID-19 will continue in all local communities. The initiative is a part of the corporate social responsibility programme, aimed at supporting ambitious projects in the social, education, health and environmental fields, especially in the communities where the Group is present through its production units. Especially in this unpredictable time where we need to keep spatial distance, socially we move even more closer - Together!