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HS Timber Productions reaction to decision of lumber transports

HS Timber Productions has supported the Romanian authorities in verifying the December 2019 lumber transport which was destined for export. Permanent contact with competent authorities has led to the completion of this verification. The export documents due to formal reasons have been deemed as non-compliant by some of the involved authorities. At the same time authorities state that the entire quantity of timber is of legal provenance and that the authorities’ decision to confiscate the goods does not refer to the legality of the wood but to the erroneous way in which the export document has been filled in and its interpretative discrepancy to the forestry law. As a matter of fact, HS Timber Productions has filed an appeal against this decision.

One of the core values of HS Timber Productions is to always act in accordance with the applicable local laws and regulations in which the company operates. With regards to the security of the supply chain, HS Timber Productions has voluntarily committed itself to operate to even stricter standards than those required by law. The company operates a rigorous due diligence system and always supports the Romanian authorities in the fight against illegal logging.