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Perfection. The principle behind everything we do.

Perfection in Timber

We select our raw materials according to the strictest environmental criteria, develop solutions for the most demanding customers and manufacture our products with the greatest precision. Our wood products are often out of sight, hidden away inside the core of a structure. Yet, they can be found all over the world.

Our goal is perfection – in everything we do.

Perfection in the production chain

It starts with selecting logs from sustainable forestry and culminates in high-tech manufacturing and processing. Each piece of wood is inspected individually to determine its precise properties. Each year, we sort up to 60 million boards at each of our sawmills.

We utilise 100% of the raw material. All by-products are processed or used to generate renewable energy.

Perfection in processing

Highly automated, cutting-edge production facilities ensure that we work within the most precise production tolerances. Continuous checks at all plants safeguard the highest levels of quality.

Perfection in products

In addition to high-quality sawn timber, we also manufacture high value-added products at our processing facilities such as: our glue laminated construction timber that is largely exported to Japan for use in housing construction. Our light-weight yet sturdy blockboards are for instance used to furnish mobile homes as well as for high-end furniture. DIY enthusiasts will find tongue and groove boards and edge-glued boards in home improvement stores. Pellets, made from our sawdust and shavings are a high-quality, eco-friendly source of energy.

Perfection in customer service

Our aim is clear: to meet and exceed customer expectations. As a team, it is our job to do so – right down to the very last detail. Our sales team appreciates special requests as these give us the opportunity to work with our customers on new ideas and innovations.