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Construction progress on the HTL Campus in Burkina Faso

Massive rainfall, hardly any supplies from abroad, massive restrictions due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a military coup in January 2022 - all these made for challenging conditions for the construction project that started in 2020 in Burkina Faso with support from HS Timber Group. We are all the more pleased to be able to complete the first rooms in autumn 2022.

A visit to the construction site gave an insight into the masonry and plastering work, as well as electrical installations. It is remarkable that the bricks are simply sawn out of the ground, about five minutes away from the construction site. They are as hard as concrete, so there is no need to burn the bricks. Much of the construction work takes place without machines. For many local people, working on the construction site is an important source of income.

The planned campus of the technical school will include a building for classrooms, as well as workshops, administrative rooms, dormitories, sanitary buildings, and a kitchen building which includes a dining hall. Sustainable energy supply is to be ensured by installing a solar system. A well for water supply has also been constructed at the campus site.

The promotion of education is a central concern of HS Timber Group and firmly defined in our CSR strategy. In 2020, a total support of 40,000 Euro was provided by the HS Timber Group in two tranches of 20,000 Euro each.

Independent development organisation ICEP - Institute for Cooperation in Development Projects - manages this construction project on site. The project was brought to us by a well-known architecture firm (ACC/Mr DI Klein - which has been acquainted with the mayor of Nanoro for years.)