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Timflow GPS traceability system celebrates 3 years of successful implementation by HS Timber Group and expands its facilities for suppliers

  • The Timflow GPS monitoring system for log transports celebrates three years of successful implementation by HS Timber Group.
  • 1,180 trucks were equipped with the GPS-Timflow device and 85,315 transports were registered in the system.
  • New facilities: The opening of the platform makes it possible to use it by several suppliers of HS Timber Productions.

Timflow, the wood traceability monitoring system developed by HS Timber Group marks three years of successful implementation for all of the Group’s Romanian sawmills.

Between April 2017 and April 2020, 1,180 trucks of the company's partners were equipped with GPS-Timflow devices and 85,315 transports were registered into the system.

The high level of transparency of this system, unique in the European wood industry, allows users to check and request documents related to transports made to the Group's factories through the external platform During the same period, nine notifications and requests for documents were made (3/2017, 5/2018, 0/2019 and 1/2020). Timflow is an important part of HS Timber Group's Due Diligence system, which supports the group's efforts to reduce the risk of non-compliant wood in the supply chain. In this respect, in the same period, the Timflow system allowed the company to conduct separate investigations on 7,095 transports that presented possible non-compliances.

The Timflow project goes even further and increases the transparency of the timber supply chain of HS Timber Group. Work is currently underway to open the Timflow platform, so that several HS Timber Productions suppliers can implement this system at their own logyards’ level, starting early June.

Timflow is the wood traceability monitoring system implemented by HS Timber Group, as part of its Due Diligence system. The systems involves the use of the carrier of a mobile terminal which records all the transport data: the waybill, the SUMAL unique code, identification data and photos taken at the time of loading, which are later compared with the pictures of the cargo arriving at the mill gate.

The system allows for the accurate monitoring of the transport route, via GPS, from the place of loading to arrival and excludes shipments of timber from national parks and other sensitive forest habitats. Timflow includes official data based on documents published by the Romanian Government, such as the National Catalog of Virgin and Quasi-Virgin Forests in Romania, which will be further updated.

As with Timflow we know exactly where the timber comes from, the professionals in the forestry sector have designated Timflow as “The Product of the Year at the Forest Romania 2019 specialized fair.