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Schweighofer Prize 2013 - Call for applications

Innovators wanted! The European Innovation Award for the Forest Based Sector - the Schweighofer Prize - is looking for new proposals!! Deadline for applications is February 4th, 2013. For further details please see

20 years of Schweighofer in Japan

On Friday, the 5th of October 2012 a big  party  in Tokyo took place to celebrate 20 years of business-relationships  with Japan.

150 guests, among them such renowned top-clients as Yutaka Kase, chairman of Sojitz Corporation, Akira Ichikawa, president of Sumitomo Forestry Corporation and Hironari Furukawa, president of Hanwa Corporation, as well as the Austrian and Romanian ambassador in Japan took part.

Schweighofer was THE pioneer for timber-supply from Europe and the first to be able to meet the special demands of the Japanese customers. Today Holzindustrie Schweighofer is the second largest European supplier in Japan and the business-relationships are being extended further.

Investments in Radauti and Siret

In the mills Radauti and Siret  investments of over € 4 Mio will be implemented over the next few months. For Radauti a twin band resaw from Waco plus a Weinig mechanization were purchased. The investment-volume is € 435.000,-- and the new equipment will start production in March 2013.

In Siret the latest investments include a Dimter Pressline, a System_TM Lamellae line, a Weinig planer plus a new warehouse (approx. 3.200 m²) and  add up to an investment-volume of € 3,770.000.The investment in Siret will be operating from June 2013 and improve the existing capacity by 50%.

Sebes DIY-Warehouse

A very modern and efficient warehouse for the range of DIY products has gone into operation in Sebes . Four people in two shifts make sure, that customers like Baumax, Hornbach, Dedeman, Arabesque, Leroy Merlin, and Bricostore get the right products at the right time. The new warehouse supplies  the Eastern European DIY-market and in the future the rest of Europe as well. Nearly 150 different products are stored. The variety reaches from rough to planed timber as well as profiles in different dimensions, EG-panels and wooden fuel like pellets and briquettes. All in all between 8 and 10  truckloads leave the new warehouse every day.

Sebes Showroom

A very attractive showroom for visiting costumers  is open to visitors now. All the products from Holzindustrie Schweighofer are exhibited and the attractive presentation makes it very easy to find the right solution for every construction-purpose.

Road Show

Quite a number of trucks carry Schweighofer products to destinations all over Europe. These trucks underwent a makeover now and proudly show our products. The highly visible trucks will meet a bigger” audience”and make sure, that Holzindustrie Schweighofer and its variety of products get recognized everywhere.

Log procurement Schweighofer Group

From the 1st of March the contract for log(timber) procurement by Tosca Holz Hallein was terminated and is now managed by the Schweighofer Group.

Increased drying capacities in Radauti and Sebes

At both locations the drying-capacity was increased and the entire production is available to be kiln-dried.

Schweighofer Fiber

The implementation of a dissolving pulp production is going according to plan at Hallein and the line change will begin from August 20th, 2012.

With an investment of 53 Mio € the production of the first dissolving pulp will start in the middle of September 2012.

Hospital Comanesti

Holzindustrie Schweighofer supported the hospital in Comanesti in 2010 with the replacement of all the windows. From 2011 on the modernization of the reception hall, the emergency unit, and outpatient clinic as well as some treatment rooms were financed. The entire investment amounts to 760.000 €.

Schweighofer Ukraine

In 2011 an area of approx. 35 ha was bought near the city of Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk in southern Ukraine.

The necessary infrastructure is now underway including ground preparation, connection to power-supply and railway line. After completing the land and infrastructure development a sawmill with a capacity of 500.000 m³ will be built.

Schweighofer Baco

In May Schweighofer Baco installed a  middle core panel-production which is now in operation. The investment amounted to € 3,600.000,--  with an annual max. capacity of  70.000 m³.

CPH in Radauti

A second CPH with a capacity of 10 MW along with a pellets-production with an output of 100.000 – 200.000 t/year is currently under construction in Radauti. The CPH will be”online” in November 2012, and the pellets-production equipped with four presses,  a bagging station for 15 kg bags will also start production in November. The combined investment for the CHP and Pellet production amounts to 40 Mio €.

Kindergarten in Comanesti

The kindergarten in Comanesti was in substandard condition as the roof was leaking and there was moisture and fungus everywhere.

Holzindustrie Schweighofer donated a new roof and completely renovated the interior with modern materials, replaced all the windows and installed a new heating system.

The kindergarten in Comanesti  is a daycare-center for about 100 children under the age of five who can now spend their days in proper and healthy conditions!

Customer care and new contacts at the ZOW 2012

The ZOW 2012 with 671 exhibitors from 33 countries and 17.500 visitors was a great success.
Holzindustrie Schweighofer presented its entire range of products and the visitors were most interested in blockboards.
The fair was a great opportunity for personal meetings with customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Apart from that interesting new contacts with Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, the Baltic states and Scandinavia were made.