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Our Approach

Corporate social responsibility is more than just a catchphrase for HS Timber Group. For us as a company, this responsibility affects how we conduct our core business. For an industrial company that works with a sustainable raw material – wood – it involves ensuring optimum, waste-free utilisation of this raw material, but also playing an active role to mitigate the impact on society and the environment.

We are proud to work with a raw material that offers a way forward in combating the climate crisis. Because wood absorbs CO2, our products can make a lasting contribution to the absorption of this greenhouse gas. Safeguarding a sustainable supply of raw materials is one of our top priorities. Our basic principle is that we source wood exclusively from sustainably managed, legal sources. Our sources of supply are strictly examined at regular intervals, and deliveries are traced back to their place of origin in the best possible way. Dialogue with the general public and transparency are priorities for us in this regard.

Corporate social responsibility also affects our relationships with employees, our dealings with business partners and our connections with the regions in which we operate.