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For a sustainable and secure wood supply chain

Despite the various measures implemented by the Romanian government, there is a systemic risk of illegal logging in the country. Environmental protection organisations rightly criticise this negative phenomenon and demand improved measures for the effective protection of forests. As a company with deep roots in Romania, we support the fight against illegal logging even though we do not harvest any trees ourselves. We have therefore developed an action plan for a sustainable and secure wood supply chain that goes far beyond all legal requirements. As a private company, we cannot and do not wish to replace the government’s role, but we will do everything we can in our sphere of influence to support the fight against illegal logging.

 The HS Timber Group is committed to a transparent supply chain - all the way from forest to final product.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our strategy or measures, please contact our environmental expert:

Michael Proschek-Hauptmann
Head of Compliance and Sustainability