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A pioneer in supply chain traceability and transparency

Being able to trace the origin of the wood we source is crucial for us. This is why, in addition to traditional Due Diligence instruments (document checks and on-site audits), we have invested heavily in the physical traceability of deliveries of Romanian timber in recent years. Our GPS-based monitoring system Timflow, which we use to monitor all deliveries of Romanian timber, is an important tool in this endeavour.

However, the HS Timber Group also participates in the development of new measures and continuously evaluates the industrial applicability and security of alternative solutions for achieving physical traceability of the supply chain.


In April 2017, the HS Timber Group implemented the GPS system Timflow, which is unique in the European timber industry, for transparent tracing of log deliveries in Romania. This core element of the measures the company is implementing to combat illegal logging in Romania enables seamless monitoring of the transport route from the loading place to the factory gate. The information collected, including GPS data and photos of the consignments, can be viewed by the general public at

Currently, Timflow records all Romanian truck deliveries to the factories and company-owned wood collection points.

Timflow ID

A pilot project called Timflow ID was launched in early 2019 to shore up security in the supply chain. Timflow ID is a new system for timber tracking through wood collection points. It is based on a traceability system for each log and consists of the following elements:

  • a mobile application – Timflow ID
  • plastic plates with a unique number on each log
  • an internal online portal with all necessary information about each log

The system was tested with two suppliers in the second quarter of 2019 to determine its practical applicability. The experience gained from a previous project provided the basis for this project. 

Timflow ID Report

Other technologies and pilot projects

Continuously improving supply chain security has priority for the HS Timber Group. This is why the Group regularly evaluates industrially applicable options for improving timber traceability. In this connection, we are looking into a range of different technical possibilities for marking as well as for image-based recognition of logs. The possibility of tamper-proof data storage using blockchain technology is also being investigated.