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Compliance Management System

The HS Timber Group’s compliance management system is based on our mission statement and our Code of Conduct for employees. Both of these constitute the basis for ethical behaviour in our company’s business environment. The compliance organisation is managed at Group level. An independent and, if necessary, anonymous reporting channel directly to the Group Compliance Office is available to all employees and any affected party wishing to report violations.

Compliance breaches can be reported both externally and internally directly to compliance[at]

The HS Timber Group’s employees periodically attend training courses given by external experts. Regular compliance and anti-corruption courses serve to train and raise awareness among our employees. For these courses the HS Timber Group also cooperates with the International Anti-Corruption Academy (, which supports the company with bespoke training programmes and access to an international network of experts in its compliance programme.
More information: The company cooperates with International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA)]