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We are well aware that our corporate decision-making has a significant impact on various interest groups. They include our customers, employees and business partners as well as the regions in which our production sites are located and which supply us with our most important resource, renewable wood. It is important for us to acknowledge and understand the needs and requirements of our stakeholders through regular mutual interaction with them. Open, ongoing dialogue will be the key to aligning our expectations and relative positions and successfully developing joint solutions.

Open door policy for NGOs

In line with its commitment to transparent communication, the HS Timber Group has implemented an open door policy for non-government organisations (NGOs).

Representatives of recognised NGOs can visit our mills unannounced after registering with the company’s Compliance department and signing a standard non-disclosure agreement regarding the technologies used. Our goal is to demonstrate our efforts to ensure a secure supply chain with the utmost transparency.

Stakeholder Engagement Protocol

We have a Stakeholder Engagement Protocol in place which sets out how and in which processes we include stakeholders in our business considerations.

Local stakeholder consultations

In addition, we have prepared a detailed internal guide for holding regional stakeholder consultations. Approximately every six months, a large-scale consultation is held in Romania at which we brief our partners and stakeholders on the latest developments in the company and in the forestry industry. We also collect and evaluate suggestions and feedback from local stakeholders and align our activities accordingly as required.

Stakeholder Platform

To provide a concise overview of the documents that are relevant for our stakeholders, we have set up a Stakeholder Platform on which we publish internal and external reports, policies and guidelines, and technical documentation.