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CSR Strategy

We are committed to sustainability and growth throughout our organisation. Our economic success depends on sustainably managed forests and we are fully committed to protecting biodiversity. Our resource’s origin is transparently traceable, making our products some of the safest in the industry. The responsible use of our resource and an effective environmental management are an integral part of our economic activities, supporting innovation and success. A transparent and honest dialogue with our employees, stakeholders and the general public helps to implement and constantly improve our approach. Our local engagement in the regions where we operate initiates and supports economic development and respects the environment. We offer high quality jobs and contribute to the long-term revival and attractiveness of the regions. We are committed to our responsibility towards communities and a sustainable timber industry.

What corporate social responsibility means to us is that we look first at what we can improve internally in order to waste no wood, add most value to it, reduce our environmental footprint and act as a responsible employer, securing safe and meaningful jobs. With the help of our stakeholders, we run a continuous process to improve our procedures, the way we do things to make sure the wood we process is legal and harvested from forests managed in a sustainable manner. With that, we strive to be an industry leader, driving systemic change in wood traceability, for example. We are aware of the social and economic realities communities are facing around our sawmills and panel factories and we sponsor a variety of projects to improve their access to adequate social, education and healthcare services. In 2010-2022 the HS Timber Group’s sponsorships amounted to approximately €18.5 million.

The HS Timber Group and the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation have forged a strategic partnership for joint implementation of environmental and social projects that promote responsible development of Romanian forests and benefit Romanian forestry communities. Established in 2019 with strategic support from the HS Timber Group, the foundation has the mission of contributing to the protection and responsible management of the forests and the development of sustainable forestry in Romania. By entering into this strategic alliance, the HS Timber aims to implement the company’s CSR commitment more purposefully and more effectively.