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HS Timber Group Sustainability Report

The 5th Sustainability Report of HS Timber Group

We attribute our accomplishments to our unwavering focus on working with the best, always renewable, and sustainable resource: wood. Our products not only contribute to the global fight against climate change but also have a positive impact on the lives of people worldwide. Remarkably, each cubic meter of sawn timber we produce stores one ton of CO2, making a significant difference for generations to come.  Enjoy reading the Sustainability Report 2022.






The 4th Sustainability Report of HS Timber Group

The year 2021 was both a challenge and a success for HS Timber Group's sustainability efforts. 2021 was characterized by highly volatile markets, disrupted supply chains and, above all, the conviction that sustainability and climate protection must be more than just words. With the start of new sawmill projects, the growth course was resumed. This and the improvement of energy efficiency, were main achievements of 2021. An important step was also FSC ending the disassociation with HS Timber Group and the continuous effort to ensure a sustainable supply chain in times of a global pandemic! Read more in the Sustainability Report 2021.






HS Timber Group Sustainability Report 2020

Our third Sustainability Report contains information about our principles, our mission statement and our approach to sustainability and discusses 2020 achievements and challenges. Our goal is to get better every day – especially when it comes to sustainability. However, significant changes can only be achieved with the help of our employees and stakeholders. Mutual trust is crucial here and requires, in particular, information and transparency – something which HS Timber Group aims to provide with this Sustainability Report as well.





HS Timber Group Sustainability Report 2019

The second Sustainability Report for the Group's companies in the timber industry division is now available. Prior to the preparation of this second Sustainability Report, the company has involved both internal and external stakeholders. The relevance of individual topics for stakeholder and the company's options for action were assessed. As a result, transparency, customer satisfaction and a secure, traceable supply chain continue to have top priority for HS Timber Group.








Update on Sustainability Report 2018

In November 2018, we published a comprehensive Sustainability Report for the first time. Following the clear objective of demonstrating maximum transparency, we aim at providing a sound basis for further dialogue with environmental groups and decision-makers. The report has now been updated and focuses on the year 2018. With this report update, we provide a comprehensive and structured insight into our core business as well as an in-depth explanation of our supply chain's security architecture.



Download Sustainability Report 2017.