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HS Timber Group ensures stability for its employees and partners even in challenging times

  • HS Timber Group entities in Romania have the largest number of employees to date
  • Priorities for 2020 and 2021: maintaining economic activity and securing jobs
  • Reliable employer, trustworthy partner for collaborators and local communities

HS Timber Group entities in Romania (HS Timber Productions s.r.l. and HS Baco Panels s.r.l.) currently employ around 3,000 people. This is the largest number of employees in Romania and a milestone in the history of the group since operations have started in 2003. Today, the group runs five wood processing factories located in Sebeș, Rădăuți, Siret, Comănești and Reci. The group's companies are a reliable employer and trustworthy partner for collaborators and local communities.

Dan Bănacu, General Manager of HS Timber Productions s.r.l., explains: “Even in 2020, during this difficult period, we manage to ensure stability for our employees and business partners and offer them a long-term perspective and financial balance. The recipe for this success is that we are always looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions. We adapt quickly to the requirements of an extremely diversified market and we also focus on the local market with special products.”

The priorities for the company this year were to maintain economic activity and secure jobs. This will stay a main objective in 2021 as well. Dan Bănacu continued: "We have a special responsibility for our employees, both economically and socially. Ultimately, they are the ones who contribute to our success - with their expertise, work, experience, commitment and dedication.”

Stable work environment and continuous improvement

Constantly improving a stable work environment is part of the mission of HS Timber Group. "To be a fair, responsible and attractive employer, we focus on the continuous development of our employees' skills, we create training programmes and new opportunities for further education, especially to continuously improve in the field of occupational health and safety," said Dan Bănacu. Core values and clear rules, included in the company's mission and Code of Conduct, motivate and guide employees. Long-term corporate culture promotes mutual respect and appreciation.

In addition to the continuous and regular training of employees - for example when new machines or production processes are introduced - the companies also developed customized training programmes and training courses on technical topics. Seminars and training courses in the fields of anti-corruption, antitrust and business ethics are also offered.

Also, among the benefits enjoyed bythe companies' employees in Romania is a private health insurance. It is intended to provide additional support to employees in terms of routine checks as well as specialized interventions.

HS Timber Group companies - a pillar of local communities

Since entering the Romanian market in 2003 with the opening of the first sawmill in Sebeș, HS Timber Production s.r.l. and HS Baco Panels s.r.l. have become a central pillar of the local communities in which the companies operate. The successful story is based on the constant reinvesting of the profit. "Thus, we have reached a number of five modern wood processing factories with state-of-the-art technology and around 3,000 well-trained employees. Moreover, the activities of our group provide over 10,000 jobs in related industries,” said Dan Bănacu.

On the contrary, the regions in which HS Timber Group companies operate are the basis for common success. In return, the company supports charitable projects in education, social services and health for many years. In the unpredictable year 2020, HS Timber Group initiated the "Together!"- Initiative, through which the companies directly contributed and supported the activities of local organizations in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, with donations and sponsorships of over 307.000 Euro.