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HS Timber Group statement regarding involvement in politics

HS Timber Group strongly rejects the false allegations circulating in the public space about any connection of the company to any changes that might be brought to the Forestry Code.

One of HS Timber Group’s core principles is to act within the framework of every law and regulation in force. We strongly believe that compliance with the law and with  law enforcement are key elements in gaining confidence from the civil society, as well as for the country's industrial development.

In this context, we state the following:

  • HS Timber Group acts within the framework of every law and regulation in force
  • The company is not a political institution and as a matter of principle has no involvement in political actions
  • The company has an open door policy for dialogue with all interested stakeholders and regards constructive criticism as important for further improvement of its security system. As a result, we strongly reject any lies and fake news regarding our activity.

As a matter of principle, HS Timber Group takes a keen interest in running a sustainable business and in the concerns of the civil society.

HS Timber Group has implemented a set of measures to support a safe and secure chain of supply.


For more details:
Luciana Petrescu
Head of Public Relations
0725 352 700