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How we go the extra-mile to support biodiversity protection in our supply chain (video)

HS Timber Group is committed to the protection, restoration and enhancement of forest ecosystems by promoting sustainable forestry. We have implemented strict sourcing policy to prevent any negative effects that could appear in our supply chains.

We also encourage and promote our suppliers to use environmentally friendly machines in their harvesting operations, so as to prevent biodiversity loss and other adverse effects to forest ecosystems as well as increase the efficiency of harvesting.

The use of a cableway and forwarder is one example. These technologies offer many advantages. They include: protecting watercourses and soil, avoiding damage to the trees surrounding the area, and minimising impact on the soil.

Watch our video here.

To all this is added:

  • The HS DDS field audit questionnaire was updated in 2022 to include photos of rare species.
  • Plots over 160 years which are located in Natura 2000 sites are visited by HS staff to check compliance and mitigate the risk of possible Virgin Forest and monitor compliance with biodiversity protection requirements.
  • All plot visits include assessment of compliance with low impact forestry requirements.
  • HS promotes mobile bridges, which help prevent that machinery enters riverbeds.
  • Since 2020, HS offers different levels of support and assistance for medium-sized suppliers to purchase second-hand forwarders and therefore increase their efficiency and reduce environmental damages, e.g., in 2022, with HS support, a supplier achieved better efficiency and environment protection with a forwarder and a cableway system.