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The 2022 HS Timber Group Supply Chain Report is now available

HS Timber Group implemented a strict Timber Sourcing Policy. This policy includes a commitment to perform an annual review and to report on the implementation. As a part of the implementation process, the first supply chain report was published in 2018.

This report is now the fifth one, and provides an overview of HS’ Supply Chain, risk mitigation and input-related verification activities in the year 2022.

Therefore, all key elements of HS’ DDS remained active or were improved in 2022:

▪ All Romanian input is covered with the voluntary traceability system Timflow and state traceability system.

SUMAL. Timflow was maintained for all Romanian roundwood input.

▪ Full integration of SUMAL into HS’ DDS was achieved, which helped the SCCC Department monitor HS’ suppliers’ truck movements

▪ The Zero Wood from National Parks policy was kept in Romania and extended to Ukraine.

▪ All mills maintain PEFC certification, Comănești received the FSC certification

▪ The suspension procedure was updated with clear indicators and consequences for administrative offences.

▪ Legal background check is conducted in all high risk countries.

▪ Third-party auditors were contracted for high-risk countries field auditing where HS staff is not available.

▪ Full compliance with international bans and trade restrictions.

▪ Daily media monitoring and active communication with stakeholders.

Plans for 2023 were also presented in the report.

Download the report