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Two projects in Moineşti sponsored by HS Baco Panels have now been completed

It is good to see not only the starting point of something, but also the impact. Two of the projects sponsored by the HS Baco Panels blockboard factory in Romania at the end of 2022 have now been completed: the installation and commissioning of photovoltaic panels at the "Primii Pași" Nursery and the "George Enescu" Secondary School in Moineşti, Bacău county.

Valentin Vieru, the mayor of Moineşti said: "We have now completed a green energy production project that will become an example to follow in our region – with the support of HS Baco Panels, we installed photovoltaic panels at the ‘George Enescu’ Secondary School and at ‘Primii Pași’ Nursery. All our gratitude to the representatives of this company for the generosity they have shown! We have a solid partnership for the community, and the new investment from the secondary and nursery school continues the sponsorships which have been in force for several years at the ‘Grigore Cobălcescu’ Technical College - thank you!"

Alexandru Agache, administrative director of HS Baco Panels speaks about the projects the company oversaw in 2022, within the Together! Initiative.

"The Together! initiative was launched in 2020 as an immediate response to the needs of local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic," said Alexandru Agache.

However, as a company that takes its responsibility seriously, Together! applies to a larger scale. Last year, the primary focus of the initiative was involving the company in green energy projects. Alongside the aforementioned two projects, the company also sponsored photovoltaic panels at the ‘Ciprian Porumbescu’ Secondary School in Comăneşti, which is currently under complete renovation.

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