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We provided a new roof for the residents of "Ingvar Kamprad" Social Assistance Centre in Siret

We have a tradition at HS Timber to get involved in the regions where we operate, in social, environmental and forward-looking projects that have a positive impact in the local community.

At Siret, Romania, we are a reliable partner for the Siret Social Assistance Directorate, an entity that strives to improve the lives of fellow citizens in the community - be they single grandparents, institutionalised people and other vulnerable individuals.

In previous years, with HS Timber’s support, the Elderly Home was rebuilt. Not only that, but we contributed to continuous modernisations, such as the food group, in order to obtain the operating permits from the inspectorate for emergency services. We also financed the establishment of the Home Care Service for a number of approximately 30 beneficiaries/month.

Recently, we contributed to the roof’s restauration at the Elderly Home.

The roof was built 20 years ago, when the Elderly Home which initially housed nine beneficiaries was established. “Gradually, the number increased, now reaching 24 beneficiaries, most of them social cases and people who would have no place to live in their old age if the centre lost its authorisations or operating license,” said Gabriela Lăzărescu, coordinator of the centre.

“The community of Siret has on numerous occasions paid special attention and care to its fellow citizens in difficulty and has done everything possible to offer them a better life,” added Horea Mitrea, director of HS Timber. “That's why we joined the efforts of the local authorities and contributed to improving the conditions offered to the residents of the Ingvar Kamprad Social Assistance Centre."

The mayor of Siret, Adrian Popoiu, considers that “HS Timber understood the need to keep open this important centre for the local community, the need to maintain the buildings, to modernise them and thus responded positively to our requests. We thank the management of the company for all the support given, both on our behalf and on behalf of the beneficiaries."

At the same time, in Siret, this year, we sponsored the Hospital for Chronic Diseases with 70 tonnes of pellets, ensuring heating during the cold season. It is the seventh year in a row that we support the hospital institution to provide heating comfort to its patients.

As far as education is concerned, we fully financed the project of changing the destination of the warehouse into toilets and bathrooms and we changed for the better the school activities in the sports branch, within the “Petru-Mușat” Siret Secondary School.

The social sphere, health, education and the environment are cornerstones for a better future and a central concern of the company, firmly anchored in the CSR strategy of HS Timber.