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Timflow is named Product of the Year at Forest Romania 2019

- GPS-based wood tracking system Timflow is a unique measure, unprecedented in the European wood industry  
- Recognition for the efforts to ensure traceability and transparency in wood supply chain
- Timflow is named Product of the Year at Forest Romania 2019

Timflow - the GPS-based wood tracking system - has been named Product of the Year at the third edition of Forest Romania, the open air forestry fair that took place in Zizin, Romania between 5-7 September, 2019.

"Timflow is an important element of our Due Diligence system and this award honours us and it is a recognition of the fact that all our efforts to minimise the risk of non-compliant wood in our supply chain have been successful,” says Vasile Varvaroi, log purchasing manager with Holzindustrie Schweighofer Romania. "In the future, the Timflow wood traceability system will be developed and we would like other participants in the woodworking industry to use it, as Timflow means security and transparency.”

As part of the action plan for a secure and sustainable supply chain, Holzindustrie Schweighofer introduced in April 2017 the Timflow system, monitoring all trucks that deliver logs to the sawmills operated by the group in Romania. Thus, the platform presents the GPS maps of all truck routes, from the loading point to the factory gate.

Anyone can register and check photos, documents and routes, from the loading point to the destination of all the trucks that transport logs to Holzindustrie Schweighofer, the first company that implemented Timflow for a secure and sustainable supply chain.

The third edition of the open air forestry fair, Forest Romania brought to the attention of the specialists current topics of debate and proposed as a central theme in 2019 "Sustainable forest management – an active contribution to climate protection".

At this year's edition, the Product of the Year 2019 competition was launched, awarding innovations that serve as a model in the forestry field. A commission comprising neutral experts awarded products that met the following criteria: practical importance, impact on the activity of the company and on the labour force, effects on the environment and on energy consumption.

Forest Romania is organized by DLG InterMarketing, with the support of Ciucaș R.A. Forest Management Unit in Tărlungeni, in cooperation with the Foresters Association of Romania - A.S.F.O.R., the Association of Forest Administrators of Romania - A.A.P. and the Transylvania University in Brașov - Faculty of Forestry and Forest Exploitation. The 2019 edition had Romsilva as a technical partner.

Further details: press release (pdf)