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Saw log purchase

We purchase our wood from sustainably managed forests. The HS Timber Group exclusively processes coniferous wood.

Raw material requirements and quality criteria

Our raw material requirements and quality criteria are presented in our Purchase terms and conditions. We demand that our employees and suppliers adhere to strict standards so that we do not purchase any wood from controversial sources. Details concerning this are outlined in our Timber Sourcing Policy. We hold the “Chain of Custody” certification from PEFC, the internationally recognised organisation, and only process logs and timber from sources that have been checked by PEFC. You will find the documents of our PEFC certificates here, other details are included in the PEFC database.

For more details and for possible new business relationships, please contact us:

Adrian Dulgheru
Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia
Log Purchasing Manager
T: +40 372 4227 00
M: +40 730 634 617

Vasile Varvaroi
Romania / Radauti & Reci
+40 230 207 400
+40 727 739 206

Thomas Kienz
+49 35825 618 125
+49 174 1957 470

Ivan Luchak
Ukraine (Please note: Currently, Ukraine has a ban on the export of saw logs)
+380 342 505 065
+380 505 552 980

Katja Navumenka
(Please note: Currently, Belarus has a ban on the export of saw logs)
M+375 29 121 61 11

Ireneus Bober
+49 35825 618 213
+49 162 2771 384

Robert Kadlec
Czech Republic
+420 725 559 689