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Lumber Purchase

Further processing is an important part of the HS Timber Group’s value chain. In our Romanian production locations in Sebes, Radauti and Comanesti we process lumber of all dimensions to produce

We purchase SPRUCE and PINE lumber of all dimensions and qualities for further processing. Our processing technology enables us to also purchase reject and sub-standard lumber.

For the panel factory in Comănești we buy technical veneers, aesthetic veneers, MDF, HDF, chipboard - to different specifications.

We work with many different partners in the area of lumber purchasing. Due to logistical reasons we are especially interested in building partnerships with suppliers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the Baltic States.

All lumber purchasing conditions including quality specifications can be downloaded here [pdf].

For further information regarding our lumber, technical veneers, aesthetic veneers, MDF, HDF, chipboard purchasing activities as well as possible new business relationships, please contact:

Lucian Flutur
Timber Purchase
T: +40 372 303 440
M: +40 799 807 783

Viorel Panțîru
Technical veneers, aesthetic veneers,
MDF, HDF, chipboard purchase

+40 372 462 218
+40 726 715 309