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Technical purchase

Close cooperation is our key to common success.

The quality and reliability of the products and services purchased from our partners directly influence our production processes and the wooden products that we offer to our customers around the world.

We are looking for efficient and sustainable solutions to optimize the production processes by purchasing supplies, machines, spare parts and services from both suppliers in Romania and abroad.

The technical purchase team is always on the look-out for reliable partners and long-lasting collaborators to guarantee the best quality of products and services.

Contact details:


Nicole Stepf 
Head of Technical Purchase
Technical Bureau 

T:   +43 7412 52465
M: +43 664 8520730

In addition to the machinery, maintenance services and the tools specific to each factory, every member of our technical purchase team coordinates the following a product portfolios for the entire group in Romania:

Andreea Bucșa
Department Leader - Technical Purchase
T: +40 258 806 300
M: +40 799 924 460
HS Timber Productions S.R.L,
Industriilor Street, No. 1, 515800,
Sebeș, Alba County, Romania

Oana Timaru
Bearings, safety equipment, fittings,
hand tools, coding and marking products

T: +40 258 806 300
HS Timber Productions S.R.L.,
Industriilor Street, No. 1, 515800,
Sebes, Alba County, Romania

Marius Lupu
Diesel, lubricants, hose fittings,
filters, prevention and fire fighting

T: +40 258 806 300
HS Timber Productions S.R.L.,
Industriilor Street, No. 1, 515800,
Sebes, Alba County, Romania

Alexandru Berbecariu
Wood treatment, electrics,
steel metal products

T: +40 230 207 400
M: +40 721 367 249​​​​​​​
HS Timber Productions S.R.L.,
Austriei Street, No. 1, 725400,
Radauti, Suceava County, Romania

Corneliu Cap-Mare
Chains, woodworking tools,
maize starch, tires, metal working tools

T: +40 367 800 188
M: +40 729 440 967
HS Timber Productions Reci S.R.L.,
No. 673, 527145, Reci, Covasna County 

Erik Pieszczoch
Packaging, adhesives, industrial gases,
belts, conveyor belts

T: +40 372 303 476
M: +40 730 336 162
HS Timber Productions S.R.L.,
1. Decembrie Street, No. 1, 725500,
Siret, Suceava County, Romania

George Harjaba
All products for the blockboard
factory in Comănești

T: +40 372 462 203
M: +40 729440983
HS Baco Panels S.R.L.
Crinului Street, No. 15, 605200,
Comanesti, Bacău County, Romania



Carolin Hentschke
Deputy Head of Technical Purchasing
T: +49 35825 618-192
M: +49 173 2872 227

Raik Schoknecht
Technical Purchasing
T: +49 35825 618-193

Linda Stoppiera
Technical Purchasing
T: +49 35825 618-198